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>Where to begin?
>08MST is one of my favorite Gundam series, but it is riddled >with
>continuity busting plot points.
>They key one being the large number (16?) of RX-79[G] Gundam >Groundtypes
>running around Earth. I just don't see how they can possible >rationalize
>their existence, given that the RX-78 was just a prototype and >the GM's
>were even newer. Just ... wierd. As someone mentioned the last >time this
>was brought up, it would have been cooler, IMHO, if >the "Gundams" in 08MST
>were just GM's with v-fins and faceplates bolted on to confuse >the Zeon
>forces... sort of fake Gundams if you will.

And to an extent they are. To compensate for their number IMHO Sunrise
seems to have made them weaker and beatings that the RX-78-2 would have
survived can thrash the RX-79[G]s pretty badly. In fact there hardly seems
to be any diff with the RX-79[G] and the RGM-79[G] other than one having a
bit more onboard weaponry.

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