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Hmm... for the record, the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam does come with a beam
rifle. Its MSV kit had one, and before someone tries to argue it's a
shell-loaded weapon, check out the armament section at:



>Brian Potter wrote:
>> Getting extremely off subject here, but since you brought it up...
>> How would a mobile suit not be able to use beam weapons. I mean, the weapons
>> are charged at the home ship, and all the minovsky particles are kept in the
>> rifle. Are you saying the Rx-78-1, and other mobile suits supposedly
>> incabable of using beam weapons are incapable of pulling the trigger on
>> their gun? Or does the MS not supply enough energy to fuse the Minovsky
>> particles into mega particles? Please excuse me if i have missed something
>> extremely obvious...
>> Brian "Super-Rad" Potter
>it's the latter, the E-cap or E-clip only storres highly compressed
>Minovsky particles that just need some additional outside-energy as a
>catalyst for fusion into mega-particles, some earlier mobile suits
>lacked the power to provide sufficeint energy for fusion thus were stuck
>with watered-down beam-spray weapons or more conventional arms like
>machine guns and bazookas...
>more detailed info can be found at
>more specifically the beam weapon technology is at
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