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On my deathscythe 1/144 model, the plastic just began crimbling, it is as weak as hell. I ended up gluing the entire arm together, and to the body, now its just some plastic peaces with a lake of testors inside ^_^x

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        This weekend I was at a friend's house putting together a wing 01 1/144
        model. Did they mess up on the molding at all because I couldn't get the
        thrusters behind the knees to fit. I ended up trying it out with just the
        two parts alone and for both legs the fittings didn't match up at
        all. Because the model might have been sitting in his closet for the
        longest time, possibly, the plastic ended up breaking in my hands, but did
        that problem happen to any of you guys at all?
    I had a similar problem while putting the 1/144 Deathscythe Hell together as
    while trying to put it together I broke a part or two in the process as the
    pieces IMHO were too small for anyone except a little kid to handle I'm still
    having trouble getting the right hand to stay in place when I remove the Twin
    Beamscythe from the hand. When I remove it the hand pretty much comes out
    with the Twin Beamscythe and I have tried gluing it and everything but
    nothing works. Has anyone else tried to put this model together and have
    similar problems? If so, how did you fix it?
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