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Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:45:42 -0800 (PST)

Dear list:

> > umm, do any of yous have anything to say about the Master Grade Gouf?
> >i'm plannin on getting one, but i don't know if its good or bad, some one
> >please tell me before i get it.
> It rocks, and the kit is no mere MG Zaku II rehash either. The new design
> allows for greater posability and interior frame details. Throw in a bonus
> Harmon figure and you have a bargain kit at 2,800 yen (only 300 above the
> cheapest MG kits). I only wish its thigns were more angular and less
> rounded.

I agree, but I still have a couple of complaints... (1) the "links" in the whip
are a pain to put in since they are using the hated "wire cover"again, (2) the
"horn" on top of the head falls down way too easily, (3) the beam machete was
a little too short and the shield is WAY too small (okay, that's 3). Still, it
is a significant improvement over the MG Zakus (which I hate...). The "Zeong"
hand kicks butt, and even though the beam machete is short, it still looks way
cool. I wish I'd picked up a couple more at $120 HK ($15.42 US!!!) each...

> Expect to see a lot of new "MG" Zaku II models in the pages of Hobby Japan
> and Dengeki Hobby built using the MG Gouf as the base kit.
> Eddie


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