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I live in the D.C. metro area, and I've come to realize that SAL shipping is
not that much slower than AIR. It may be different for other people, but I
have had SAL packages come to me as quickly as 7 days to at most 12-14 days.
  I've always had AIR shipments come in 6-7 days, but AIR is so much more
expensive. It took me a long time to realize R10 is so much better than
HLJ, although HLJ carries toys in addition to models and still may be
cheaper to order large quantities from.

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Rainbow 10 Question
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:11:29 -0800
> > This is my first time ordering after finally getting fed up with
> >HLJ's seemingly non-existent stock on anything MG-related.
>Eh? Were you ordering MG kits or conversion kits/accessories for MG kits?
> >The shipping quotes from R10 are Sal: 3460 Yen Air: 4845 Yen EMS: 5400
> >Yen My question is, does SAL really take 2-6 weeks?
>It depends - usually I get SAL shipments in 2 weeks, but during the holiday
>seasons it can take over a month to arrive. Sometimes SAL is not very
>reliable and Rainbow 10 will inform you if they hear a lot of customers
>who complained about SAL's recent performance, but all my orders have
>arrived safely by SAL.
> >I don't mind two weeks, but six weeks is a bit long to wait, considering
> >that I could get it in one to two weeks with air. So I guess my
> >for those guys who have ordered from R10 to the States is, is it worth
> >to pay for Air? Or should I just stick to SAL? Suggestions
>Well, I think both SAL and Air do not include insurance. If you want to
>insure your order, EMS is the only way to go. I've always gone with SAL
>unless EMS turns out to be cheaper (usually the case with a huge order)
>and they've never lost or damaged my order. Unless a week or less makes
>a big difference for you, I think SAL does the job fine.
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