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Ground and space are two different environments completely so it would
really take more than a flick of a switch.

>the F/A-18 can be switched with the flick of a switch.
>the GP01 had to be reconfigured with the whole
>conversion set. sounds like anaheim (or B-club) had a
>lot of fun building that. i always opt for economy in
>a military vehicle so...

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> Gundam EZEight wrote:
> >
> > ahh... thus the AMBAC system...
> >
> > i guess the gesigners at anaheim must be pretty
> damn
> > stupid. they should have designed a multipurpose
> suit,
> > like the RX-78-2 or the GM's. they worked fine eh?
> the RX-78-2 had the Learning Computer installed,
> which was presumably
> able to not only store both sets of software and
> switch between the two
> easily but during the whole White-base tour it was
> in effect writting
> and re-writing it's own software.. IIRC the GMs each
> had their own
> specialized ground and space types just as the Zakus
> and other Zeon MS
> did and unlike the original Gundam i don't think we
> ever see an MS go
> straight from earth to space or Vice-Versa, at least
> not without enough
> time aboard a carrier to have elapsed for software
> swaps to be
> performed.. the F/A-18 does this today being a
> fighter and a
> ground-attack craft depending on what software is
> loaded into it's
> avionics...
> -Les
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