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Dafydd Neal Dyar wrote:
> The Federation may be able to delete the records of the Gundam Development
> Project, but they can't erase the memories of all of the people in the Earth
> Sphere who saw the Delaz broadcast of the Zeon revenants' declaration of war
> against the Federation.
> ...
> And, while the Federation can deny its use at the Naval Review on 10 November
> 0083 and censor subsequent news reportage thereof, they can't deny the loss of
> two-thirds of the fleet and the crews thereof, most of whom certainly had
> relatives and dependents who would want to know where they were.
> ...

An excellent discussion! But I don't think they can even deny a nuc blast
at the Naval Review, a blast big enough to wipe out 2/3 of a fleet must
leave enough hot isotopes for decades of scrutiny. At the time of the
blast, there should also be a huge amount of gamma rays and UV, which will
be picked up by weather stations and astronomical observatories. The Feds
will near to flash those Men in Black memory wipers on a significant
fraction of the human populations to erase the Stardust Memories.

On a almost-unrelated subject: a plot _hole_ in 0079 (and 0083). Dafydd
and I have almost discussed this to death in the past, but I think it is
interesting to bring up again.

Remember the _hole_ around Sydney from Operation British? You can see the
satellite image in the opening recap from several episodes in 0079, and
in 0083, Albion flew over this crater sea (what's the name of the sea?)
which really impressed Nina.

Well from the satellite image, which is also available from a few books,
the crater is at least 700 km in diameter. So let's say it's 700 km dia,
and let's be very conservative and assume it's only 10 m deep (I remember
someone knowledgable giving an estimate of crater depth, I am ignoring
that for now). So 700 km dia x 10 m is 3.85x10^12 m^3. Rocks are usually
2-3 times as dense as water, so that means the crater is made from lifting
7.7x10^15 kg of rock off Australia. That is over 7 million million metric
tons of rock, boys and girls. There's more rock than a few Mount Fuji's.

A very casual search on nuclear winter got me these links:

I didn't read them fully, but got some interesting tidbits: A very rough
estimate is that each megaton of nuclear explosion kicks up about 0.2-0.5
million tons of dust into the atmosphere. An average nuclear war scenario
in 1985 involves 1500 megatons (both sides combined), kicking up about
300-800 million tons of dust. From that, you get your typical nuclear
winter in which the ecosphere would be FUBAR.

So there are a couple things wrong in the Sydney crater, first it seems
10,000 times more rocks was lifted from Australia than would be kicked up
from a full scale USA/USSR war (1500 MT). So how can a single colony drop
make such a big hole?

Secondly, if such a big hole was indeed made, how can the Earth ecosphere
survive a 10,000 times nuclear winter?

I contend that the 0079 animators (blame Tomino the director) over-
dramatized the crater size in those cut scenes (which lasted only seconds
anyway). This is as illogical as claiming the first 9 months of OYW wiped
out a quarter (or half?) of the human population. It's over-
sensationalization, but rather excusable considering this was a 1979
anime. But the minor artistic license used in animation was chiselled in
stone by various reference books.

But this leds to my final point, which is, ahem more 0083 bashing. Ok so
0083 decided to follow 0079 with a scene which shows the illogical Sydney
crater up close. I think that's quite OK, actually a nice touch. But
then, these people have another colony dropped on N. America itself and
pretend that it had almost no effects on the Earth facial appearance? Ok
so the colony was fried a couple times before the big drop, but from the
reactions of both Delaz fleet and Feds brass, Operation Stardust was
essentially successful. So shouldn't we get at least a half size crater?
(300 km, size of Kansas?)

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