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> Not sure what GK means exactly... if you mean Gundam Kits, since I only
> attention to kits (namely MGs and PGs) I intend to buy, I'm not sure.

GK means Garage Kits

> BUT, I did see a couple of regular 1/60 kits (V Gundam and Shining
> going for $175 HK (approx. $22.49 US) and $199 (approx. $25.58 US). The
> cheapest PG Zeta I saw was $985 (approx. $126.61 US!!!!)... damn.

I've seen cheaper ^_^ I think less than HK$900

I was assigned for 3 months in Hong Kong by my company here in Manila,
Philippines (my company is basically Hong Kong based) so I know my way
around if I need to look for really cheap kits. but if you're coming from
any country besides Japan, anywhere in Hong Kong is a good buy, even in Toys
R Us

> P.S. I also saw a store selling HUMUNGOUS Gundam models (1:30?), but the
> hours are screwy (7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m.), so I never managed to get in
> for a closer look. 8(

a lot of shops there have weird opening times especially the GK shops in
Mong Kok, I've went there on a saturday around 4-5pm and most of them are
closed. weird. but looking at their displays, can't help but drool

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