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go over to GPW:

Look at pictures 2 and 3. Look at the top and sides of the blue part of the
fighter in pic 2 and the linar seat block in pic three. Look carefully and
you will see they are different on top and on the side.

Pic2: Core Fighter: smooth top, two hatches on the top in the back to plug
the chest into. Open gaps at the back of the sides of the fighter to lock
the wings into when in Core Fighter mode. Exhaust vents go farther back

Pic3: Top has what looks like details (like a electronic panel or
indentation - might be molded hydralic details or something). The vents are
closer to the front of the chest and don't slope as far back. The sides are
not open in the back but are a solid piece with a slight indentation to fit
flush with the upper torso

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