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<<Dear List:

I just returned from Hong Kong and managed to purchase most of the kits from
my want list. I must admit that after comparing the prices to HLJ's yen
I was somewhat stunned by some of the bargains I was able to find:-

Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom $750 HK (approx. $96.40 US)

Various Master grades:

Kampher $238 HK (approx. $30.59 US) => a little expensive...
Super Gundam $214.20 HK (approx. $27.53 US)
Full Armor ZZ Gundam $248 HK (approx. $31.88!!! US) => NICE! 8D
Nu Gundam $240 HK (approx. $30.85 US)
Sazabi $415 HK (approx. 53.34 US) => the only MG I really want but didn't buy
GM Custom $150 HK (approx. $19.28 US)
GM Quel $150 HK (approx. $19.28 US)
Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II $138 (approx. $17.74 US) => didn't buy as I hate
Jhonny Ridden's Zaku II $128 HK (approx. $16.45 US) => same reason as above
Zaku I $98 (approx. $12.60 US)
Zaku II Black Trinary/GM Custom double pack $300 HK (approx. $38.56 US)
Zaku I Black Trinary version $98 HK (approx. $12.60 US)
Zaku I Ramba Ral/Gundam RX-78-2 version 1.5 double pack $238 HK ($30.59 US!!!)
Gouf $120 HK (approx. $15.42!!!) NICE, wish I bought 2 of them... 8(
Gouf Custom $165 HK (approx. $21.21 US) Didn't buy, hate the wimpy whip
RX-79 G Gundam $150 HK (approx. $19.28 US)
Gundam EZ-8 $128 HK (approx. $16.45 US!!!) 8)

These models are gonna keep me busy for quite a while, the only regret is that
I didn't get the Sazabi and that I've missed the Hyaku Shiki by just 3 days.

So the total cost of all the kits acquired comes down to $382.39, well within
pre-set spending limit of $300 to $500. I nearly bought the Sazabi but the
place selling it for $415 HK was sold out, there was one other place selling
for $429 but I didn't have enough HK currency with me that night and the owner
refused to take US dollars. Oh well...

Note 1: Not all of these prices are available at the same stores, I actually
    checked the prices of over over 12 stores and these are the cheapest.

Note 2: I also wanted to buy the regular grunt version of GMs but apparently
    was sold out everywhere. 8(

Note 3: The double packs were available at one of the stores which package 2
    different MGs together and offer a discount on the price.

Note 4: Though Eddie suggested that I buy the limited edition kits and the
    Metallic Master Grade kits, I decided to forget about them and
    concentrate on getting regular versions of the kits. The limited
    editions are simply too expensive.

P.S. My arms, wrists, and fingers are still sore from hauling all the kits
    into my small apartment in Santa Clara. 8)


I wish I could afford to go to Hong Kong. :sigh: Did you see any GKs for
really cheap?
The other Michael.

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