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Franz G Co wrote:

> Nobody other than the feds and the Zeon's saw the nuke being used so the
> Feds can still deny it. Any coverage of the Naval Review could have been
> shut off as soon as the attack started. Besides, in the eyes of the public,
> the fact that the Zeon tried to drop a colony (and did even if they didn't
> hit Jaburo) would vindicate the Feds.

The Federation may be able to delete the records of the Gundam Development
Project, but they can't erase the memories of all of the people in the Earth
Sphere who saw the Delaz broadcast of the Zeon revenants' declaration of war
against the Federation.

At 12:30 UTC on 31 October 0083, the Delaz declaration was broadcast to the
entire Earth Sphere. In it, he showcased the captured Gundam GP-02A and its
nuclear capability, highlighting the fact that even the research into such a
development was illegal under the terms of the Antarctic and Granada treaties.

And, while the Federation can deny its use at the Naval Review on 10 November
0083 and censor subsequent news reportage thereof, they can't deny the loss of
two-thirds of the fleet and the crews thereof, most of whom certainly had
relatives and dependents who would want to know where they were.

You can no more hide Operation Stardust and its aftermath than you can the
smoking crater that used to be a significant portion of Kansas and Nebraska.
You can destroy the evidence and suppress the technology, but you can't undo the
events or their effect on people's lives, especially with so many casualties.

Yes, you can rewrite history to blame everything on Spacenoid terrorists and you
can use the Titans to enforce a Roswell "Men In Black" style cover-up, but
everyone on the Moon saw that broadcast and about half of them are AEUG

Oh, yeah, don't forget Axis. They're going to have agents in the Earth Sphere
making sure that the news gets spread around as much as possible.


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