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That MSiA Dendrobruim is HUGE! And so is the Psyho Gundam MSiA... Sweet....

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>> You know, for the amount of 0083 bashing on this list, it seems odd
>> that a 0083 model/toy of any kind would get people so excited...
>Well that's because the series started and ended with a bang. Many of the
>fighting scenes were very good, especially the Powerd GM test run and most
>fight scenes with Dendrobium and/or Neue Ziel.
>Even I have to admit that the Dendrobium is very cool. The Albion is also
>a great upgrade. I wouldn't have wasted so much time bashing it if it
>hasn't got these cool mechs and great actions.
>Speaking of which, I should go home and finish painting my Neue Ziel ;)
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