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Actually, it's funny that you mention that.
I got a package from them in about 2 weeks, and I'm in Ottawa(north-east of
I was surprised to hell that it got there that fast, must of caught all the
right planes and stuff....

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My experience with SAL was anywhere from 3-5 average. I've never seen
anything come faster than 3 weeks, but then again, I'm in NY, not Cali :P
If you don't want to wait, I'd suggest sticking with EMS or Air.

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This is my first time ordering after finally getting fed up with HLJ's
seemingly non-existent stock on anything MG-related. The shipping quotes
from R10 are
Sal: 3460 Yen
Air: 4845 Yen
EMS: 5400 Yen
My question is, does SAL really take 2-6 weeks? I don't mind two weeks, but
six weeks is a bit long to wait, considering that I could get it in one to
two weeks with air. So I guess my question for those guys who have ordered
from R10 to the States is, is it worth it to pay for Air? Or should I just
stick to SAL? Suggestions appreciated.

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