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Ehh... spoiler alerts...

Echo|Fox wrote:
> Where to begin?
> 08MST is one of my favorite Gundam series, but it is riddled with
> continuity busting plot points.
> They key one being the large number (16?) of RX-79[G] Gundam Groundtypes
> running around Earth. I just don't see how they can possible rationalize
> their existence, given that the RX-78 was just a prototype and the GM's
> were even newer. Just ... wierd. As someone mentioned the last time this
> was brought up, it would have been cooler, IMHO, if the "Gundams" in 08MST
> were just GM's with v-fins and faceplates bolted on to confuse the Zeon
> forces... sort of fake Gundams if you will.

Well all the UC OVAs are continuity busters. Personally I've heard all I
care about the geneology of NT1, Gundam Groud Type and the GP series.
Continuity breakages of these kind are not very interesting to me, because
they are partly intentional.

Let's think about internal plot holes, and there are a few in 08MST.

Was the Ez8 a better MS than RX-79[G]? If so, how come Shiro-the-most-
distrusted-soldier-in-the-whole-goddamn-army gets assigned to it?

How come Ginias started shooting BEFORE the Zanzibar get to a safe

How come Eledore and Michel received no disipline after going AWOL and
risking his commander's ass?

How come Michel, a nice decent guy but a lousy soldier, got assigned to
a position in one of the very few MS teams?

Most importantly, after the court martial, why did the brass send Shiro on
a mission on the final assault? If his team was used as a sacrifical
diversion (as one line of dialogue vaguely suggested), how come he ended
up escorting those Guntanks, one of the most critical part of the assault?

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