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Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler wrote:
> Heh. Dr. Core and Nightengale both did work for that book. Core did an
> article on Gundam modeling techniques, while Nightengale did a
> complete Gundam history bit. So i'm pretty sure nobody was stealing
> anything ;p

Heh, yeah, I gave them limited-use non-exclusive license to print my (and
a couple others) photos for that mag. blah, just kidding. I email them
the pix with a whole bunch of instructions and captions etc, the mag
layout people promptly ignore all that and just put the pix wherever
there's space. Nothing was ever signed (not even electronically). So who
knows if and when Pojo may appropriate my photos for other publications?
Most likely the pix had gone into some kind of image database over at Pojo
and one day some one will say, "oh I can use this" and print the photo on
something without even telling me. Oh well I don't mind so much, we have
a good working relationship.

Pojo (and many many other American mags) make very liberal use of the
"fair use" concept. Without getting into specifics, many images used in
these type of mags are probably used illegally if you follow the
strictest definition of copyrights. But Pojo has the unofficial support
of Bandai America, who's interested to see more promotion for Gundam.
It's the same reason Bandai Japan and Bandai US don't go after Gundam and
Pokemon fan sites and doujinshi. Chinese have a phrase for it "One eye
open, one eye closed", nudge nudge wink wink.

Compared to the common practise and altitude in the magazine bussiness,
the typical altitude in a lot of model-related mailing lists and
newsgroups is totally fundamentalist.

Anyway, thanks for the head up, even when it was unnecessary in this case.
I am curious to see if more pix from web sites make their ways into print.

Dr. Core
Brain Surgeon
Newtype Asylum

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