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>> >I bet it could be hid. Look at all the Black projects the us >>has/Had.
>> >stealth fighter is one of them. Sure there are rumors and >>possible
>> sightings
>> >but never any hard proof.
>> There were no war correspondents anywhere near the >battlefields they
>> in 0083. In fact the only place where the GP01 fights near a >highly
>> populated area is on the moon and I don't think anybody got a >>good view
>> it since the "roof" of Von Braun isn't glass like in the >>colonies. As
>> the GP02, the Feds can easily dismiss that as Zeon propaganda >and anyone
>> says otherwise is "silenced" by what would eventually become >the Titans.
>> Besides the GP02 wasn't the only nuclear capable MS, if I >remember
>> the Zaku IIs carried nukes during the OYW so the Feds can make >up some
>> excuse along those lines.

>but iirc the treaty the feds made with zeon included nuke >banning , thats
>the evil thing about it the feds breaking their own treaty,the >nukes used
>OYW weren't banned back then so the argument for the feds is >nonexistant (
>but they got them too *G*)

Nobody other than the feds and the Zeon's saw the nuke being used so the
Fedsa can still deny it. Any coverage fo the Naval Review could have been
shut off as soon as the attack started. Besides, in the eyes of the public,
the fact that the Zeon tried to drop a colony (and did even if they didn't
hit Jaburo) would vindicate the Feds.

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