Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 01:59:49 -0800

>ah...i need to learn how to read Japanese. That's good, so it'll probably
>use a modified version of the GP01's chest area. As for teh CF
>transformation...the front part looks like it will fold in the same way, but
>the back part looks like it'll do a fold up which might be a cross between
>the F90 and the v-gundam. interesting. Good thing to ponder on: MG V

At their size, they should be PG'ed instead like the Wing Zero Custom.

>an origami-like dendrobium perhaps?

Nope. There was a con-exclusive (JAFCON, IIRC) blueprint book for you
to build your own Orchis platform out of material of your own choosing.
The 1/144 GP03S kit can dock inside it. I saw people selling photocopies
of the booklet on eBay for nearly $100 a few years ago.


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