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In a discussion in alt.anime.gundam, someone was asking where the "Alex"
from 0080 got its nickname. Most people quoted the MG manual in that it was
an acronym for "Armored-Layer EXperiment", which fits, but definately smacks
of a model kit retcon.
Neil Naderman (most of you should know that name) pointed out something
interesting though. Remember the whole Japanese R/L translation thing? Well,
If we write "Alex" as "A-re-ka-su" (someone please correct me if I got one
of those characters wrong, I _think_ that would be right) and then say it
fast ... what do we get? RX!
That was one of the coolest silly little things I've heard in a long time,
and as such, felt I had to share it with those of you who don't follow

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