Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 21:16:16 -0800

>> I'm wondering if anyone lives in or by Chicago. I've been racking
>> my brains
>> trying to get good deals on MG's but I have no idea were to look. Some of
>> the prices in Chinatown make me wanna order from HLJ. (which would be
>> cheaper, theoretically).
>Have you been to Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights yet?
>They just got in the Gouf Custom a couple of days ago. Price: about $35.

Hey, that's one sweet price! Is it sold by Mitsuwa or a mom-and-pop
store that's leasing space from them?

>They have most of the MG kits in stock, along with some HGUCs and a few PGs.
>Personally, that's not a bad price considering what it costs to import from
>HLJ after shipping.
>- Vlad

Since the kit costs 3,000 yen, you'll probably end up spending more than $40
ordering from HLJ.


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