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> Yeah, those old GIJoe 3.75" figures were great, specially when they
> had balljoint necks. I had a big collection of them...and then my
> cousin stole them all (HATEHATEHATE). I have always considered true
> articulation to be that sort, not the weird turning articulation I see in
> some of the newer figures (though some of them, like the articulation for
> Nicholas Wolfwood of Trigun, are pretty good).

I still have a Rubbermade container almost over flowing with 'em, the lid
closes, but barely. :) I need to look through the container sometime, I
forgot all the ones I have. Remember when they tried to redo GI JOE for the
'90s? Did you ever see how dumb the cartoon was that was made in the early
to mid 90s? It was pretty bad, After GI Joe, then it was Ninja Turtles. It
was nice to be a kid, nothing to do except go to school and then watch Ninja
Turtles :) I still remember watching every day, while waiting on the school
bus to go to elementary school.

How does it work for the Trigun and Wolfwood figures? I hate the turning
articulation as well. Now if it was both the 3.75" Joe articulation AND
turning articulation, then turning articulation would be fine. The Kado
Senshi Gundam is the best articulated figure I've ever owned, if only it
didn't feel a bit fragile. Fragile is for model kits, not action figures.

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