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>I think we all know the reason why you are not going to answer the question.
>>I'm not answering that.
>>"If all else fails, reboot."

*lurker mode off*

Before this thing degenerates into a flame war between Zhao and The Cow, let's all take a breather first and recompose ourselves.

The Cow, you oughtta know that you have to give all of us the necessary links and/or pictures or let those in the GML who're close to your friend to see it. Having hearsay stuff won't hold water with most of us - we need to see proof. It's not that we're skeptical of your friend - in fact, we'd like to see innovations/new gimmicks that are kitbashed into various Gundam model kits. Heck, I even planned on making the double gatling guns on my 1/100 Heavyarms Custom to rotate just like the real thing, but I haven't found a small enough motor yet...

*now back to your regular programming*

*lurker mode on*

james r. 2


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