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> Okay, so is it like an upgrade of the MSiA Rx78? or is it a whole new
> figure? I'd love to have a whole new design, rather than a recast of
> of the old one. I have been ignoring MSiA's due to my focus on model
> but I vowed that if I would get MSiAs, it would be the FIX figures.

While an RX78 is an RX78, it looks MUCH better then the MSiA one does. It
looked like it jumped right out of the picture it's based on. Note, it does
not come with it's standard non FA weapons, I.E. no standard shield, beam
rifle and beam sabers. While it does have hilts, they are not designed for
pop in blades, just designed to be removeable for the back armor. While I
want it's standard gear, I got it for the FA Gundam, not the roll out

It's a very sleek take on the Gundam, very much a Katoki Gundam, meaning
there's no doubt Katoki designed this figure. I like both kits and toys, so
must pick and choose most of my purchases. Goto the below for ToyBoxDX's
Rumble on it:

The thumbnails are clickable for bigger pics. It looks 50% better in person,
at least to me. It's basically a bigger MSiA with better paint and armor.
The price bothered me at first, but once I received it, I have no regreats
about getting it. I'll gladly buy the next two releases in this line. The
Perfect Gundam and the GP01. According to TBDX, the GP01 will fix the
articulation limits of the FA Gundam, it has no armor of course, but will
have it's standard load out plus a long barrel rifle.

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