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>But I mean the Zeong not the Sazabai Im sorry if I did
>not point that out to you,I just mean in the Orginal
>Gundam series Char try to take out the Gundam with the
>Zeong both end up in a Draw both MS got trashed,just
>like Kou and Gato in both Gundam GP Units it was a
>Draw some of the stuff in Gundam 0083 reminds me of
>the stuff in Orginal Gundam series but in a Diffrent
>perspective If I spell that right.
>I think some of the stuff was plot copys not plot

I wouldn't call that fight a draw, technically speaking. Amuro's Gundam had "older" technology compared to the "just off the skunkworks" Zeong of Char. Besides, IIRC, the only upgrade the Gundam had was just the magnetic coating, while the Zeong had lots of beam weapons and a Psycommu unit. What was showcased in the fight was that Amuro was rapidly emerging as a better and more crafty pilot than Char was at that time.

james r. 2


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