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> >You forget,Amuro lost his the gundam..
> What?
> >yeah, as in he read the manual as he was piloting
> it
> >with better results because he thinks it was the
> >Gundam did it,but Kou was just a Young test pilot
> in
> >Peace time he was plioting a Zaku when you frist
> saw
> >him.Yes he was a crapy ass pilot In a Zaku yet a
> Zaku
> >only good for hand to hand Combat,close Range
> fighting
> >but he got better at even if he was a not a Newtype
> he
> >became experience to learn how to pliot the
> >Gundam.Amuro was never that good in Close Range
> combat
> >when he went up aganst Char then Amuro got
> experience
> >he got better use to the Gundam and his newtype
> powers
> >he started to beat Char to a in a Draw.
> On the contrary Amuro demonstrated his skill in
> close range combat quite
> often. Like against the Black Trinary and his later
> skirmishes with Char.
> In fact, he kicked the Sazabi's @$$ in close range
> combat.

But I mean the Zeong not the Sazabai Im sorry if I did
not point that out to you,I just mean in the Orginal
Gundam series Char try to take out the Gundam with the
Zeong both end up in a Draw both MS got trashed,just
like Kou and Gato in both Gundam GP Units it was a
Draw some of the stuff in Gundam 0083 reminds me of
the stuff in Orginal Gundam series but in a Diffrent
perspective If I spell that right.

I think some of the stuff was plot copys not plot


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