Leslie_R (trojan@atoka.net)
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 17:12:57 -0600

Mond wrote:
> Those a definatly Starship troopers check out these sites
> http://www.trooperpx.com/AFS/AFS01.html
*checks the picks of weapons in this URL and finds something familiar*

holy <censored> it's that damn Pack-Gun every other Gear in Dream Pod
9's Heavy Gear tactical combat game is equiped with 0.0

> http://www.trooperpx.com/AFS/AFS02.html
> http://www.trooperpx.com/AFS/AFS03.html

"He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."
     -Lady Eboshi, 'Princess Mononoke'

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