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Brian Potter wrote:

> I want to buy one of the Zaku II MG's, but there are so many variations, i
> can't decide which one i want? Is there one that is significantly better
> than the others? Or are they all basically the same model w/ color and part
> variations? I was thinking The Shin Matsunaga's high mobility type, since i
> dont paint my models and the white would hide the sprue scars.

The green one is the way to go.
I've recently finished all versions of the Zakus, and the "little green men"
seems to be the best knee wise). All the others are a little looser, don't
know why since they all consist of the same parts in the frame assembly. Maybe
because the variations have the extra shell parts to it - I don't know.

Well, back to work on my 3rd MG green grunt.

> In an unrelated note, does anyone have any idea when the next PG will be
> released? I need to know if i have to start saving my pennies.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Brian Potter
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