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Partial translation courtesy of Babelfish:
As for 2 foot walking ?? ? ? mass production shipment which walked finally

It checks the movement of 2 foot walking ?? which is sold in December with
the movie.
< Domestic article > March 22nd of 2001 11:20 PM renewal

2 foot walking ?? where sale is decided in December of 2001 (the MS-0C6f
ZAKUII). With Tokyo toy show of last year, upper body and while it is
divided into the lower half body we to be displayed " development statement
" the appearance, was strong, but, with toy show of this year when
demonstration is done in the built-up type nicely, starts walking slowly big
shout of joy had arisen from the attendance person.

Price 9 ten thousand 8000 Yen very is expensive, but, it probably becomes
the one item which does not accumulate in the cancer/gun dam maniac.

As for 2 foot walking ??, radi-con of 1/48 scales which are operated with
the private controller. Liquid crystal display having been attached to the
controller, it has become the mechanism where the image which was seen with
" the mono eye " of the ?? starts projecting. When you compare also the
design of the controller from last year, it was refined rather.

The CCD camera is equipped in the head of the ??, image is indicated in the
liquid crystal display of the controller

 The ??, because of the balance ? ? of 2 foot walking, loads the Ni angular
battery onto the ankle part. The gear box and the left and right revolving
motor for walking, the motor for BB bullet discharge and the motor et cetera
for upper body revolution from the abdomen putting on the hip, it is
intensive, (the left figure reference).

 As for the photograph to the right, the lower half body of the ?? which
removes armoring. When revolving, it has become the mechanism which the
crotch between part opens on left and right. Because of that, the case of
revolution slowly it reaches the point where circle is drawn, does not
correspond to flipper turn.

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