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--- RX-93-V-2 Hi-Nu Gundam
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> gundam@aeug.org wrote:
> >What I want todo is make a 10 foot Wing Zero, just
> the gundam itself, minus
> >the back 'wings'. The only detachable thing I want
> is the sheild, but the
> >one from Wing Gundam. If this works, and I do win
> the lottery one day, I'm
> >going to build a 30-40 ft Wing Zero and have some
> fun =)
> I'd like to do a smaller scale but functioning
> Orchis...
> >I do want it to walk, thats the thing. I dont want
> to just build it and have
> >it stand in my room to scare people. I'd want to be
> able to run a wire from
> >the back of the gundam and then control its
> movement with a program on a pc.
> >I had an idea that I put in a chaingun, only it
> fired bb's and used c02, but
> >thats just me and my crazy ideas. Mainly I just
> want it to walk, and move
> >its arms around or something.
> make it walk? you *could* try to approach Honda and
> IIRC Sony, who's done walking anthropomorphic
> robots, though IIRC Sony's robot could play football
> (that's soccer to some people). Check with a
> console gaming magazine that features the Gran
> Turismo 3, I saw that featured in an article with a
> robot game.
> IMO wires are a no-no. You could try using IR, like
> some robots do (I've seen the Eng'g Dept of the
> Univ. of the Phils. do soccer-playing, box-shaped
> robots controlled using IR).
> >Also, here are some ideas I had for Wing Zero
> >
> >- A quickcam for the pc would act as the eyes for
> the gundam so I can see
> >were its going
> easy enough...
> >- Set up some sort of animation system, so I can
> bind keys to perform
> >actions. Something similar to how games work. Like
> I can bind 'w' to make
> >Zero walk.
> make a routine?...possible, but there are factors to
> consider such as the size of the actuation motors,
> how to compensate for mass changes, etc...
> Kou didn't take the mass compensation into
> consideration and wrecked the GP-01 ^_^
> >- Zero System, just because its cool ;)
> hmmm...I'm skeptical on this one...the ZERO System
> is one of the more mysterious aspects of GW
> technology, including the Gundanium alloy.
> >- An onboard computer, that would handle different
> things. I can plug in a
> >keyboard and then edit things as I see fit. Like if
> I wanted to change the
> >way it walked or something, I could load the
> program and edit it.
> onboard computer...yes, it should have one, although
> IMO you'd need a server-type (in terms of power)
> computer to help it keep track of all the stuff
> related to its operation
> >Would fiber glass be a good way to build the
> outside, and then have it
> >painted? Also is it keep to get and easy to make?
> fiberglass is a good material to use, just look
> online or in your local library on how to use it
> however, I do think you'll be needing an
> endoskeletal structure so that the fiberglass
> wouldn't be the one to take the weight.

Whats Next Zero System for Windows 2000 it be strange
but if anyone can do it I just hope they can Its
nothing Wrong with that.

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