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If I remember right, this powered suit design was based on the
DESCRIPTION of the powered suits from the Starship Troopers book, many
years before there was ever an OVA series. In fact, I think that
particular design appears in one of the Roman Albums from the first 3
Gundam movies (I don't have those books any more, but I KNOW I've seen
that design as far back as the early 80's). I belive it was mentioned
in an article in one of those books that Tomino based the whole Mobile
Suit idea on 'Troopers" powered suit, but just made it bigger. Then
someone did a conceptual drawing of the suit from the descriptions in
the book (of what it could do and all that). And as for the metal
figures, I have 2 of them, and I used to use them for WH40K (he he...)

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Javier Vega wrote:

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>> Anyone have any idea what this "Powered Suit" is?
>> Can't immediately place
>> the mechanical designer, and the design aesthetic
>> doesn't seem like any
>> series I've ever seen...
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> Its more like Bubble Gum Crisis I think if you seen
> the K-Suits before....
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