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I was planning on getting the same one, but I seem to remember someone on
the GML telling me that one of the major parts (or possibly even sprues) is
molded in red, not white, meaning it does require painting.
My old roommate had the Black Trinary Zaku II and it was alright, but left
unpainted the colors didn't mesh so well, IMHO. It would be great if it got
a nice glossy paintjob though.
I'd have to reccomend the normal, green grunt Zaku II. It still looks the
best, IMHO.

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> I want to buy one of the Zaku II MG's, but there are so many variations, i > can't decide which one i want? Is there one that is significantly better > than the others? Or are they all basically the same model w/ color and part > variations? I was thinking The Shin Matsunaga's high mobility type, since i > dont paint my models and the white would hide the sprue scars. > > In an unrelated note, does anyone have any idea when the next PG will be > released? I need to know if i have to start saving my pennies. > > Any help would be appreciated > > Brian Potter > "The time has come, to stand again and fight!" > _________________________________________________________________ > Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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