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Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:22:24 -0500

When I meant the Zero System, I meant something that would make the person
controlling it freak out. Like he would see stuff that isn't there, like
another mech or an explotion, etc. The game I'm making, is going to have it.

Okay, here I have the action figure,so I can pretty much see how it works
and moves. The only thing I dont see is how it works. Someone said they
could scan pictures for me of the skeleton of the PG Wing Zero custom. As
long as I can get a complete frame for Wing Zero done, it wont take me long
after that to complete. Actually the frame is probably going to be the
easiest part, and the exterior design is going to be the hardest.

I was thinking I should use ball and joint socket to move it. I have to
concider what the hell is going to power this thing and I have no idea how
much energy its going to take up, so I dont know how much power I need.

Also, does anyone know a site were it shows good pictures of Wing Zero's
cockpit? In my game I'm going to have to model the cockpit but there arent
really any good resources for that.
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