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> You make some good points, too. I sure hope they turn out to be poseable
> figures. While I didn't grow up with 12 inch Joes, I did grow up with the
> cartoon and the 3 3/4 inch figures, so I am spoiled by good articulation
> well. Have you seen the new GI Joe bodies? They have gun gripping hands
> similar what some MG and 1/100 kits have. While I didn't grow up with the
> bigger joes, I do like their articulation.

Yeah, those old GIJoe 3.75" figures were great, specially when they finally
had balljoint necks. I had a big collection of them...and then my maruading
cousin stole them all (HATEHATEHATE). I have always considered true
articulation to be that sort, not the weird turning articulation I see in
some of the newer figures (though some of them, like the articulation for
Nicholas Wolfwood of Trigun, are pretty good).

> It's not anything ground breaking, but the FA Gundam's articulation does
> job. The armor skirts block any kneeling or lungeing poses, but it's
> standard stuff. It's a very solid and durable feeling figure. The paint
> feels a bit fragile, but the figure is rock solid. It has an MSiA style V
> fin, which is good, as non rubber like V fins break easy, but the rest of
> the figure is a solid kind of plastic. I like it's shoulder joints alot,
> MSiA's need these type of joints. They hard to describe, so I won't
> it :) The elbows bend all the wway straghit, but do not bend all the way
> The wrists are a ball joint type of thing. Other then the skirt problem,
> low range of motion of the elbows and ankles, it's a good figure, if you
> like Gundam, this design and/or like a good solid addition to your action
> figure collection. The side thrusters do not hook to the legs well, but
> likely due to the fact that I was excited when I put the armor on. I'll go
> back later and see what went wrong.

Okay, so is it like an upgrade of the MSiA Rx78? or is it a whole new
figure? I'd love to have a whole new design, rather than a recast of sorts
of the old one. I have been ignoring MSiA's due to my focus on model kits,
but I vowed that if I would get MSiAs, it would be the FIX figures.

> > AD1901, it says, so it's no surprise if it looks Steampunk. I am
> impressed.
> > This is a good design, but shifting the missiles of aphrodite from her
> > breasts to the forearm is kinda spoiling the cheesiness of good ol'
> > Aphrodite.
> Yep, Mazinger in the year 1901, sounds like :) Oh well, some stuff changes
> when someone does their take on someone's robot design, you know?
> Aaron aka BlazeEagle
> "Believing a sign of Zeta"

I wonder what powers it...and if it still uses the Chogokin alloy.

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