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> > On the other hand, one could use errr, hollow plastic bodies...a la
> > would bring costs down somewhat, but then, it would
> > like a bathtub toy.
> Well, as long as it doesn't look like one, it should be ok! :) If it would
> be made hollow, I think it would be ok, as it could still have surface
> detail, couldn't it?
> Aaron aka BlazeEagle
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Granted yes, that would be similar to a lot of the old GIJoe vehicles, which
were basically shells. it would bring down the cost, but I would worry
about structural integrity in the long run (sagging and all that). Surface
detail...I dunno about depends on the thickness of the plastic, I
think. The Gundam X stuff had that problem with some of their parts, so
much detail, thin plastic, and it ended up cracking in certain places.

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