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>What I want todo is make a 10 foot Wing Zero, just the gundam itself, minus
>the back 'wings'. The only detachable thing I want is the sheild, but the
>one from Wing Gundam. If this works, and I do win the lottery one day, I'm
>going to build a 30-40 ft Wing Zero and have some fun =)

I'd like to do a smaller scale but functioning Orchis...

>I do want it to walk, thats the thing. I dont want to just build it and have
>it stand in my room to scare people. I'd want to be able to run a wire from
>the back of the gundam and then control its movement with a program on a pc.
>I had an idea that I put in a chaingun, only it fired bb's and used c02, but
>thats just me and my crazy ideas. Mainly I just want it to walk, and move
>its arms around or something.

make it walk? you *could* try to approach Honda and IIRC Sony, who's done walking anthropomorphic robots, though IIRC Sony's robot could play football (that's soccer to some people). Check with a console gaming magazine that features the Gran Turismo 3, I saw that featured in an article with a robot game.

IMO wires are a no-no. You could try using IR, like some robots do (I've seen the Eng'g Dept of the Univ. of the Phils. do soccer-playing, box-shaped robots controlled using IR).

>Also, here are some ideas I had for Wing Zero
>- A quickcam for the pc would act as the eyes for the gundam so I can see
>were its going

easy enough...

>- Set up some sort of animation system, so I can bind keys to perform
>actions. Something similar to how games work. Like I can bind 'w' to make
>Zero walk.

make a routine?...possible, but there are factors to consider such as the size of the actuation motors, how to compensate for mass changes, etc...

Kou didn't take the mass compensation into consideration and wrecked the GP-01 ^_^

>- Zero System, just because its cool ;)

hmmm...I'm skeptical on this one...the ZERO System is one of the more mysterious aspects of GW technology, including the Gundanium alloy.

>- An onboard computer, that would handle different things. I can plug in a
>keyboard and then edit things as I see fit. Like if I wanted to change the
>way it walked or something, I could load the program and edit it.

onboard computer...yes, it should have one, although IMO you'd need a server-type (in terms of power) computer to help it keep track of all the stuff related to its operation

>Would fiber glass be a good way to build the outside, and then have it
>painted? Also is it keep to get and easy to make?

fiberglass is a good material to use, just look online or in your local library on how to use it

however, I do think you'll be needing an endoskeletal structure so that the fiberglass wouldn't be the one to take the weight.

james r. 2


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