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The HGUC GP-01 was a 1000 yen kit. There are enough differences between the GP01 and 01Fb that that price would have been around 1400 yen to make it convertible. You've got an entirely new corefighter, shoulders, and parts of the chest, if memory servers me correctly. 'sides, that's just not Bandai's style.
Why make one kit with parts to build two for 1400 yen, when you can make two seperate kits for 1000 yen each?
As for the GP02, its not just rumored, its confirmed, and will be hitting North American shores along with the rest of the MSG stuff.

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I know that the HGUC GP-02 has been rumored on this list, but was it really > necessary for Bandai to make both the GP-01 and the GP-01FB? Couldn't they > have made a convertable GP-01/FB and then made the other HGUC the Gp-02?

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