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From: "Richard Ramos - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gundam!"
> good point there...if they are poseable, they may be Mcfarlane type
> joints...allows for limited poseability in specific poses, or perhaps plug
> in joints like the Kaiyodo arms. It would beinteresting...I guess I am
> used to the classic gijoe and old style figure joints. How is the Full
> Armor Gundam? I am getting one within next month from my favorite gundam
> shop here in the Phil. I'd like some feedback before I confirm an order.

You make some good points, too. I sure hope they turn out to be poseable
figures. While I didn't grow up with 12 inch Joes, I did grow up with the
cartoon and the 3 3/4 inch figures, so I am spoiled by good articulation as
well. Have you seen the new GI Joe bodies? They have gun gripping hands
similar what some MG and 1/100 kits have. While I didn't grow up with the
bigger joes, I do like their articulation.

It's not anything ground breaking, but the FA Gundam's articulation does the
job. The armor skirts block any kneeling or lungeing poses, but it's pretty
standard stuff. It's a very solid and durable feeling figure. The paint
feels a bit fragile, but the figure is rock solid. It has an MSiA style V
fin, which is good, as non rubber like V fins break easy, but the rest of
the figure is a solid kind of plastic. I like it's shoulder joints alot, the
MSiA's need these type of joints. They hard to describe, so I won't attempt
it :) The elbows bend all the wway straghit, but do not bend all the way in.
The wrists are a ball joint type of thing. Other then the skirt problem, the
low range of motion of the elbows and ankles, it's a good figure, if you
like Gundam, this design and/or like a good solid addition to your action
figure collection. The side thrusters do not hook to the legs well, but it's
likely due to the fact that I was excited when I put the armor on. I'll go
back later and see what went wrong.

> AD1901, it says, so it's no surprise if it looks Steampunk. I am
> This is a good design, but shifting the missiles of aphrodite from her
> breasts to the forearm is kinda spoiling the cheesiness of good ol'
> Aphrodite.

Yep, Mazinger in the year 1901, sounds like :) Oh well, some stuff changes
when someone does their take on someone's robot design, you know?

Aaron aka BlazeEagle
"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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