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Sat, 24 Mar 2001 21:29:11 -0800

>>Ami Benatar wrote:
>>> I picked wing zero as it was the first gundam, plus its all I could think
>>> of.
>>Whaaaaaat? Um, Wing Zero is most definitely NOT the first Gundam...*maybe* in
>>Gundam Wing.
>not even, unless its just the case of blue prints. XXXG-00W0 was the first
>gundam planned
>but also the last made (the Epyon's actual time of creation was not
>>The original is still the best! RX-78-2! Hurrah!
>Hmm, I just realized lately but RX-78 means an experimental mech made in
>0078.. and "-2"
>means its the second ... but second of what? type? production? Was there
>ever an RX-78-1?
>Oh, the G-3 Gundam is RX-78-3 right?

The RX-78-1 is the Prototype Gundam from MSV, based off a famous Kunio
Ogawara illustration (where a black-and-white-and-red Gundam is holding
the lower half of its broken sheild with saber drawn facing the oncoming
3 Doms in Jet Stream Attack formation). I think a drawing of the Prototype
Gundam should be at www.gundamproject.com in one of the earliest entries.

Originally it was said to be one of the Gundams destroyed during the
Side 7 attack, but with 08th MS Team messing up the continuity, I think
the latest official story for it was that it was kept at Jaburo for
testing and the resulting data was used for the creation of the RX-79(G)
and RGM-79(G).


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