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Sun, 25 Mar 2001 00:19:35 -0500

What I want todo is make a 10 foot Wing Zero, just the gundam itself, minus
the back 'wings'. The only detachable thing I want is the sheild, but the
one from Wing Gundam. If this works, and I do win the lottery one day, I'm
going to build a 30-40 ft Wing Zero and have some fun =)

I do want it to walk, thats the thing. I dont want to just build it and have
it stand in my room to scare people. I'd want to be able to run a wire from
the back of the gundam and then control its movement with a program on a pc.
I had an idea that I put in a chaingun, only it fired bb's and used c02, but
thats just me and my crazy ideas. Mainly I just want it to walk, and move
its arms around or something.

Also, here are some ideas I had for Wing Zero

- A quickcam for the pc would act as the eyes for the gundam so I can see
were its going

- Set up some sort of animation system, so I can bind keys to perform
actions. Something similar to how games work. Like I can bind 'w' to make
Zero walk.

- Zero System, just because its cool ;)

- An onboard computer, that would handle different things. I can plug in a
keyboard and then edit things as I see fit. Like if I wanted to change the
way it walked or something, I could load the program and edit it.

Would fiber glass be a good way to build the outside, and then have it
painted? Also is it keep to get and easy to make?

Thats all for tonight, so far. I hope to hear some good responces to this as
I really want todo this. Any help would be appreciated.
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