Watanabe, Soimichiro (darkscythe@edsamail.com.ph)
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:39:04 +0900

>I like both the original and this design a lot. The logo says Mazinger A.D.
>1901. I take it these are from an alternate universe type of deal? Notice
>how the back shot of Mazinger appears to have a cockpit set up like Big
>Guy's from Big and Rusty the Boy robot? It appears there's no Brain plane in
>this version as well.

Hmm, Mazinger without the Hover Pilader? Isn't that a like having a gundam
without a chin or V-fin? I just saw an "Aku-something" (I couldn't read all the kanji)
version of the Shin Getter, its all black and has parts that glow in the dark. Kewl.

Now if only wasn't saving up for my costume for november.... -_-' ...Oi! has anybody in
the ML tried cosplaying as a gundam? ^_^;;


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