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>> Now the question is whether is's back mounted or part of the upper
>> torso...
>hmmm...i suspect that at most it will be like the gp01/FB types. at the
>very least it will be a [plug in like the F90Y CLuster gundam or the G
>Gundam style.

Page 84 of the April 2001 issue of Hobby Japan said the GP03's Core Fighter
(current model number unknown) resembles the F22, and how it fits into the
MS is basically the same as the GP01.

This was written right under the new Core Fighter's lineart in that scan
posted about 2 weeks ago. On the lower left side of the same page, there
are sketches showing how the latches in the Core Fighter would pop up and
lock into position when docked inside the GP03, forming part of the chest,
although the CF's transformation is strangely absent in the coverage.

>> ... and whether B-Club will be crazy enough to release the
>> Orchis platform (OUCH)!
>> Eddie
>dear god, if they do, I ahve to save and save and save...because that thing
>will be EXPENSIVE.

A blueprint booklet will be sufficient, considering how much they were
charging for a 1/12 bubblecast Zaku II...


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