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> Looks like fixed pose figures to me. very impressive detail, but I feel
> somehow that I prefer the simpler original design.

How are there different poses then? I find it doubtful that they would make
2-3 kits of each robot for different poses. I do not doubt you of course, am
just wondering about that. It's hard to tell either way though, as companies
are getting good at hiding figure joints. My Full Armor Gundam Fix figure,
looked like it only had 5 points of articulation, but they it has standard
MSiA articulation. It was because the joints looked so artist, they appeared
to be fixed joints but where not. said they'll fill in the text
info. once they get back to the States.

I like both the original and this design a lot. The logo says Mazinger A.D.
1901. I take it these are from an alternate universe type of deal? Notice
how the back shot of Mazinger appears to have a cockpit set up like Big
Guy's from Big and Rusty the Boy robot? It appears there's no Brain plane in
this version as well.

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