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Some guy did it with an RX-78-2. Ten feet tall maybe? Check the
news archives, around August or September.

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> >I dunno if this has come across any of you gundam fans, but have any of
> >ever thought about building a 6 foot gundam? For the past week, I cant
> >to get my mind of Zero, and how cool it would be if I had built a 6 foot
> >gundam. Maybe even making it a 10 foot gundam. I guess what I'm asking is
> >for help. (not mental help) I was thinking I could work on it during the
> >summer, or even start it now. It would be controlled outside by a
> >with a program running to control it.
> >
> >If anyone has blueprints, design specs, measurements, etc could ya please
> >lend a hand? I think it would really be cool to build it, and alot of
> >
> >Well anyways, thanks.
> Ahh, the company i'm working for are already researching it. Not something
> like Wing Zero or anything, that thing is way to unrealistic. If you ever
> get to building your model then design it like the RGM-79 Gimm.
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