Sat, 24 Mar 2001 20:30:28 EST

       If you really are commited to doing this, the whole being controlled
by an outside computer, you should stop by Also, I hope you
weren't intending the wing zero to walk, for both the U.S. and Japanese
goverments have recently released bipedal robots; you can read more about
that here-
- So I'd suggest putting wheels in the feet, and leave it at that. Also at they have several books on sheetmetal and fiberglass molding
and shaping; something you will need very much if you want the wing zero to
look like it's namesake. If you have even more money and a slight case of
dementia, stop by, under the (fourth) laser page they have
an extremely powerful class IV Laser, which is unfocused capable of popping
balloons at a distance, and at full focus (in relation to target's distnance)
able to punch through metals (in case you want to build somewhat of a buster
rifle). Of course, I'd estimate this costing you around 10,000, asuming you
already have the tools.
       It could be an interesting project, but to really make it good, go to
college and get a degree. Oh and, you're not the first to think this up
either. For all you bilingauls, go here- I believe it's the Zeta.
"Stay in school kids, hey! waitaminute, I am one!"

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