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I love Patlabor =)
Great concept, mechanical designs by Yutaka Izubuchi (hereafter referred to
as "The Man"), and likeable characters.
I've seen, oh, about half of the TV (20-odd episodes) and maybe half of the
OVA's as well (There are 16 OVA eps in total, iirc)... plus the two movies
(just bought the second one on DVD recently).
The OVA's are mostly like bigger budget versions of the TV, while the movies
are different beasts entirely ... Movie #2 was truly a spectacular bit of
anime, without a doubt.
On the diecast Ingram, i'm assuming you're fererring to th Cloth gear system
one. It's got a diecast frame and plastic bits that snap on overtop. It's
not so hot (search the GML archives, I did a complete review last year some
time). Posability and detail both suck, weapons are horribly out of scale
and its just not all that attractive looking. All in all, the model kits
look way better.
Now, on the note of MG kits, I'd be all over that. MG Patlabor mecha would
only be behind MG Macross Valkyries in my non-Gundam wishlist.

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> Just finished watching the first 10 episodes of Patlabor and it seems > like a pretty fun series. I built a couple of the older models and they > really don't seem to do the mech designs justice. > I would really like to see them geta master grade type treatment. > Does anyone know how the die cast AV-98 is? > jeff > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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