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Sat, 24 Mar 01 19:49:32 -0500

>Courtesy of Figures.com:
>I like it, I must say. It's clearly the retconned version but its still
>easily identifiable as the good ol' RX-78. Nice to see that with a little
>tweaking the old designs can still stand the test of time.
Ooooh, it has the intakes IN the body... it retains the old look. Can't

>Woot! Transparent faceplate! A HGUC first? Posability looks good... seems a
>lot smoother than the MG GM and it does have the solid crotch piece, most
>interesting. The shield attatchment is very reminscent of the way the
>08thMST shields attatch, too.
>I also like it. Can't wait for these two badboys to show up on the local

I'll be sure to order 50 as soon as it's available

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