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Does anyone know anyplace in Kansas to get Gundam kits, especially the older
ones not Gundam Wing or Gundam X? - my site

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Ummm....In Chinatown, there's a bookstore (Something to do with a world
journal) that has every Endless Waltz kit (1/144) in the back. That's pretty
much it. If yer lookin' for MG and PG, you might want to try Hobbytown. It's
in Quincy Center, 1515 whatever-the-street-was, also carries a great
selection of other things. Actually, there is less than 5 shelves dedicated
to Gundam, and only one shelf has MG, so hurry up before they're out...

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sucessor neon genesis mecha kit builders, zeta zeta!!"-Prabal Nandy
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> Does anyone know a good place in Massachusetts to get gundam goods? I
> near Providence but I work near Boston?
> Thanks
> Ray
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