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> >I bet it could be hid. Look at all the Black projects the us >has/Had.
> >stealth fighter is one of them. Sure there are rumors and >possible
> sightings
> >but never any hard proof.
> There were no war correspondents anywhere near the battlefields they
> in 0083. In fact the only place where the GP01 fights near a highly
> populated area is on the moon and I don't think anybody got a good view of
> it since the "roof" of Von Braun isn't glass like in the colonies. As for
> the GP02, the Feds can easily dismiss that as Zeon propaganda and anyone
> says otherwise is "silenced" by what would eventually become the Titans.
> Besides the GP02 wasn't the only nuclear capable MS, if I remember right,
> the Zaku IIs carried nukes during the OYW so the Feds can make up some
> excuse along those lines.
but iirc the treaty the feds made with zeon included nuke banning , thats
the evil thing about it the feds breaking their own treaty,the nukes used in
OYW weren't banned back then so the argument for the feds is nonexistant (
but they got them too *G*)

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