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It's all part of what the writers seem to want to portay, Feddies = cocky
Delaz Fleet = War heroes

>Good point you got there. I have to admit, I didn't take into >account
>the base crew would be given free run of the base. OOPS. But >even then,
>the Hangar of the Albion should have been under lockdown. and >the
>assigned to security of the two MS's should have been strict, >all things

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> Gundam EZEight wrote:
> > the prototypes were on the Albion at the time,
> > correct?
> >
> > strange how Gato can waltz in to an assault carrier,
> > look up at the gundam, walks into the cockpit, sits
> > down, and takes it out with out anyone knowing....
> > honestly, Gato would have a worse time trying to steal
> > a MG GP02A from HLJ
> Were they? I thought they had been moved to the base itself, but its
> been long enough that I don't recall.
> The problem, though, as pointed out earlier, is that inside the base no
> one is worrying over much about security since its peacetime and the
> outer security takes care of that stuff, the whole 'there are no enemies'
> mentality (after all, the Federation just beat the only group capable of
> standing up to them), and the fact that the outer security is relying on
> the fact that there 'are no enemies'. Top it off with the fact that
> there are a bunch of legitimate visitors to the base (including two
> civilians) that came in with the Albion, and you have the mess that
> occurs. Seeing a stranger walking around the base doesn't mean much
> since the assault carrier is present with all of its crew.
> Mind you, Gato himself comments on how horrible the security is when he
> gets smuggled in. And Kou drives right up to the two Gundams without
> getting challenged by anyone.
> At any rate, the ship crew is probably counting on base security, base
> security is probably counting on the perimeter security, and the
> perimeter security is probably counting on the fact that the Federation
> is currently the top dog, there are no enemies who can challenge them,
> and there have been three years of peace.
> Add to that a whole host of strangers in uniform, and the only person in
> the base who'd be likely to challenge Gato would be Nina.
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