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> Atfer trying to complete all the MSes in Gundam The Battlemaster 2 (I've
> done half already), I noticed in the credits that Bandai's Hobby Products
> Department was involved. For those who've played this, are the internals
> of the MSes shown after they get beat up (or even while they get beat up)
> the same as those in the MG kits, such as for the RX-78, Zeta, Sazabi, FAZZ
> and Nu? I'd like to believe that an MG Zeong isn't that far off, as the
> Zeong in the game does have good internals...not to mention other MSes such
> as the Hygog, etc.
> <pre-emptively fires off a Stompfaust(tm) at Garrick, who "loves" anything
> that screams "ZEONG!">

MG zeta sucks... they should make a new version w/ latches so it STAYS
together... like the PG

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