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Well from what I've watched, the GP01 may have a number of vernier but it
should be jsut lacking a few to make it fully space flight capable. I think
that's why they were tying to configure the OS to be able to get at least
some space performance from it. Actually, one wonders if they didn't use
the OS from the RX-79[G] in the GP01 just to save money.


>Actually, it's not. to be space capable, one must have enough >maneuvering
>verniers...remember, in space, to maneuver correctly, one needs >to have as
>many verniers as possible to move correctly, and to have them >with enough
>thrust to go about it correctly. also, it could have been a >problem in
>OS of the GP01...a gravity atmosphere is different to a space >environment,
>and if the computer isn't ready for that...well, there you go.

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